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Resizing question

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I am running into a problem with resizing a picture. It needs to be less than 2 MB to place in an ad online. I opened the 2.57 MB picture in paint and went to resize it. After clicking on that, it says 'New size' at the top of that pop-up at 22.7 MB. Why is it so much bigger when I didn't even do anything to it yet? What am I doing wrong?



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The resize dialog tells you the size needed in RAM not on disk.

The size on disk depends on the file format you are using to store the image.

There are lossless compression formats like png and loosy ones like jpeg. Loosy ones are loosing quality but need less space.


Paint.NET may not be the best tool to optimze an image for a specific size on disk.

I would use IrfanView and select 'Save for Web' in the menu.

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I've always used Paint.net and it's been fine to go down to 2 MB's or less, but lately it seems to want to tell me that my images are huge (when they aren't) and shrink them to teeny, tiny if I do go down to less than 2 MB. I guess I'll ask my son about all this tonight. I just wanted to try and figure it out myself, but I can see that might not happen. 

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