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Possible Refinements (Incredibly minor)

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I just installed PDN v4 - I'm happy to see I can turn off the dancing ants animation, since the shimmering grabs my attention and annoys my eyes.



I just had a few possible suggestions/refinements. These are minor things, but help with "polish". One of the things that has been missing from PDN since the beginning is the ability to scroll images away from the edge of the screen. Lets say you have a huge image (a scan or something) and you want to zoom in to look at a detail, but also want access to the colour picker and tools. It only makes sense that at whatever zoom level you are at, you'd be able to scroll the image to the right (scrollbar at leftmost position) so that the image rests at least a few pixels to the right of the widest tool window. When the zoom level changes and the scrollbar has been moved to the leftmost position so that the image is visible to the right of the tools, it should maintain the same relative positioning (in the visible UI) when zooming in or out, at least until the image can be fully centred from zooming out.



The second possible refinement is truly minor - I see the selection box is generated by drawing tiny alternating white and black lines, which shimmer as you move the rectangle around. You can reduce the shimmering by drawing it in two segments - one outward from the origin, and one outward from the cursor position. Near those two points there will occasionally be white or black segments that are far longer or shorter, up until you let go, and then it calculates it the current way. Benefits are visual feedback when you let go and less shimmering. Yeah, like I said, truly minor.



I also have a huge amount of whitespace at the top of the screen, and wouldn't mind a way to make use of some of it. The toolbars are very static and lack the variety of customization options that most paint programs have.






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