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Rotate Layer Dialog's New Keyboard Behavior

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This post is about the latest (4.0) version of Paint .NET. I see that there's a "Preview" subforum so if this post should be moved there, even though 4.0 has released, feel free to do so.


I noticed that in the new Rotate Layer dialog, clicking in the top-most textbox, entering a number (e.g. "1"), and pressing tab (to make the layer rotate) ends up putting the keyboard focus on the reset button. This is different from the old dialog (See the "Layer Rotate" page in the Paint .NET documentation for a screenshot; I can't seem to paste a link here) where pressing tab would put the keyboard focus on a textbox.


This change became a problem when I pressed enter out of habit to make the rotation. I expected the layer to rotate as if I had clicked the OK button. Instead, the rotate value was reset and my work was lost.


I can't think of a quick fix off the top of my head but I hope this problem description helps other people experiencing the same issue.


In case it is relevant, my computer's operating system is Windows 7 x64 EN-US running with a 101% DPI setting.

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