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Zoom in, don't lock on the border of the image

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Well I would love paint.net not to lock to the sides of the canvas. I mean, if you make zoom, and want to paint the border, is very difficult to do so (with the color/history/layers windows the sides of the images are very inaccesible). I'd love being able to move the screen freely, so I can have the corner of the canvas in the center of the screen, that would be great! :P


Is there any kind of solution, or maybe it's just planned for future releases? :D

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That is a really nice idea, so nice, it seems to be popular. ;)

See this thread here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2940-popular-feature-requests/, when on that thread scroll down a bit, you will find this request listed :


Scrolling past the edge of the canvas when zoomed in -- Right now when you zoom in on the image, you can only scroll to the edge of the image. It can be inconvenient because then you have no space between the image and the scroll bars. Implementing this is dependent on some other "plumbing" work that should be done for the image canvas' rendering, and this will be taken into account when that work is being done. No ETA though, but hopefully in v4.0. Update: The canvas in 4.0 has been completely rewritten, and it is now possible for me to implement this.

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The compromise solution is to increase the size of the canvas. 

Second color must be transparent before you increase the size of the canvas.




I use this method for a long time.

You can use the space bar and left mouse button to drag the image in any direction (PDN 3.5.11).

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