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still can't insert images

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I hate to bring this up again but I still can't post an image here.  After reading all the instructions, I've been to Photobucket and copied my code and can't get it to appear in the post.  Am I permitted to attach a screenshot here?  If so, how?


Someone here told me that I had to add all my images as attachments, which doesn't make sense.


BTW your little pop up box for "images" is  broken!  Anything you type there  gets frozen and you have to refresh.






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Copy the DIRECT LINK from photobucket.

Go to your post and type in a left square bracket, followed by "img=".

Paste the copied URL directly after the "=" sign.

Close the IMG tag by typing a right square bracket.


[img= (direct link goes here)  ] 
I've edited your post above to add an image (my avatar). If you edit that post you'll see a live example of how the image tag works. If you don't see the code, toggle the little switch in the top left of the editors tool bar.
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I just wanted to highlight that, as said in the "How to Add pictures tutorial" from the tut section of these forums, you do need to make sure your images are compatible formats.

1. After creating your piece of work save in a common file format such as *.png, *.jpg, *gif, etc. as Paint.NET's native file format (*.pdn) is not recognised by any other program or website other than Paint.NET.


I also want add, in case there has been some confusion, that you use the "Direct" link for the "Insert Image" button.

But you use the "IMG" link when pasting directly into the editor.

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