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4.0 - Small feature removed?

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First off, 4.0 is awesome, some great new features, really amazing tool for the price :).


I do a lot of UI prototyping, and one feature that I use a lot is the ability to quickly copy a selection.  I would:


- S to select

- Select a region with mouse

- M to move

- Hold CTRL, then click in the selection and drag


It would make a copy of the selection, leaving the original bitmap behind it.  This is great for say, copying "controls" on a UI mockup, or duplicating any section of the graphic.


This is a very handy feature, but it seems to be missing in 4.0.  Was this intentional, or bug?




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After Ctrl + C to copy your selection, Ctrl + Shift + V will paste the selection into a new layer & the Move tool will automatically be selected!

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