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A Plugin Horror Story. (I desperately need help)

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Hello All! Dragonstar here.


So. I've been successfully using a plugin called Wire Worm for the longest time. (about 3 months) In essense, it allows you to edit pictures similar to content aware on photoshop.

So everything was going fine. I installed the plugin in the effects folder, got it to work, and was using it. But then suddenly, as of yesterday.... It stopped working...


What makes this a horror story is that there is no rhyme or reason for this to be happening. It was working fine just yesterday. But now, it's as if the internals were destroyed by a phantom force.

Is this because it's a 8bf filter? I don't know where to begin. None of this is supposed to be happening. This breaks the rules of logic.


Now whenever I try to use the plugin I get this error. post-136805-0-55428000-1404347058_thumb.


Is there a solution to this? This is one of the most random events I've ever encountered...

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