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Does Paint.NET Do RAW?

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Went there.


Was the plugin compatibility problem ever worked out? 4 June 2013, extide said he was going to work on it.  How did it go?


What, in Paint.NET, can I do with RAW that I couldn't do with, say, a JPG?  I know, in other programs, with RAW, you can adjust white balance and black levels.  I don't know of any other, but would REALLY like to know.  Can anyone point me to a discussion of this? 

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Sorry to hear that plugin might not work for you. I have not tested the plugin myself yet as I've simply seen it around and so I thought it might be what you want.
You can try looking for and trying other plugins by checking out the plugin index. List of Filetype Plugins
RAW, to my understanding, gives you more versatility to do higher quality photo editing, better adjustment abilities, and better fine tuning. Here is a website where RAW vs Jpeg is questioned and given some answers. If you want, you yourself can also search the internet for more info on why RAW or RAW vs Jpeg.  http://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/2627/good-examples-of-raws-advantages-over-jpeg :)
I haven't tested this yet, but it's an idea. You may find playing with "Curves" or the plugin "Curves+" with RAW files might give better results than if working with regular formats.

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I am presented with "an embarrassment of riches".  My RAW format has the extension .NEF, and is Nikon based.  Which would you recommend for me?

RawLoad 1.0

Raw File - pebal



Another Raw Loader

PNM File Type


If any of these files have been corrected or updated, it may be a good idea to note in the comments.  Many of the comments leave an impression that these don't work, and that there has been no correction to that.


Leaning toward RawLoader.  Bugs noted 2007.  Have they been corrected?  Tried to download it.  "Page cannot be found."


Oooorah!  RawReader loaded just fine.  A minor hiccough.  WinRAR would not unzip it to my Paint.Net\File Types folder.  No problem.  I unzipped it to my Temp folder, then copy and pasted it in.  Now, to try it.


The JPG opens just fine.  The .NEF opens only in DCDraw, with a strong green tint.  It will not open in Paint.NET.  "Unspecified Error."  Deleting RawReader.


Trying Raw File. Result: "SystemTypeLoadException:  Could Not Load Type."


Trying RawLoad is redirected to FastPictureViewer, and asks for money.


So, I guess, the current answer to my question, unless I am totally wrong, is "no".

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I just tried the plugins, and only one plugin worked, RawReader, but it was very limited in functionality due to the application that it works through, and yes, it had a strong green tint for me as well. So it would seem Paint.NET does not have a RAW filetype plugin at this time. Which I am sad to find out too, since I recently got a new camera and wouldn't mind exploring RAW image editing down the road.


I guess we can only hope a new plugin comes along for Paint.NET 4.0 now. :/

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