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Finish Selection Bug

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I think I have found a bug with the Finish button when using selections. I just tried using the Ellipse Select tool to select an image and rotate it. Once I have moved it I can finish the selection using the Deselect button or by pressing  the Enter key but if I try clicking on the new Finish icon which is supposed to commit the tool changes it does not work. The marching ants remain and the image still selected. This is the case with either the Ellipse or Rectangle select tool. 


Is this supposed to happen or is it really a bug?



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Honestly, I don't think I understand how the selection tools working with the commit icon would function. Maybe it would work for the move selected pixels tool :MoveTool:, but for any other selection tools I'm not sure. I often will make a selection, then I go and choose a different tool and edit things within the active selection. The moment I switch tools, I get that tool's options, so if I want to make a gradient within my selected area only, the commit icon is now for the gradient tool. I might have an active selection, but the selection tool is not the tool in my hand. I will admit, I do stumble when I forget and hit the commit icon instead of the deselect icon :Deselect: , but that just reminds me, an active selection isn't a tool action to commit, it's a selection to deselect. It is a little confusing for me when it skips my mind on what icons I need to click for what tools, and it does interrupt my newly forming habits, but when I think about things for a moment, they do make sense.

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