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Turning off Anti-Aliasing with a brush decreases "accuracy?"

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Putting the image right off the bat so any confusion as to what I meant is gone. On the left is the brush tool with AntiAliasing off, and on the right is with it on. The mouse is pointed in the same spot, but only with AntiAliasing on does it draw in the center. I used the brush tool for 8-bit pixel art a lot in previous versions without ever encountering this problem. When trying to draw a circle with AA off, it's also really inaccurate and jumps all over the place.




Here is another example with AA off using a 10pt brush. This is not faked. Holding the mouse in this position draws the circle an entire pixel below and to the right of where I intended to draw. I encourage you to try the same thing and see the results for yourself.


Edit: Fill types other than "Solid Color" are all Solid Color, as shown here:




Tried this with both a transparent and non-transparent color as the secondary.

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I'm not the subject matter expert here, but, I don't think that's a bug, I think that was a fix for rounding errors that occurred when your mouse was on a half pixel and the result was distorted (a snap to grid).


Left is the mouse on the grid , right is the mouse inbetween grid


PDN 3.5






PDN 4.0



Also a non- antialiased brush is a pencil and pencils don't exhibit the grid correction(snap), so I would suggest using pencil when you need no AA.


Lastly - this should be posted in the bug report section (moderators, need help here).

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