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from Eduard Malikin - how do I set up the margins

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Hello to you,


I have the most updated version of Paint Net and Genius electonic pen with board - I have enountered the problem to see on the active page of where I draw the text  - the margines, where I can see exactly what is going to be printed and what is not, because it might be the neccessity to set up the page size what I regularly use of 210x279 mm (hope you know how is much size in mm measures)


Help me please to instruct me how to set up the page margins, so it won't be the situation that the rightest part of the page is not being included in printing, simply because the printer's pages are of wrong size. Just instruct where I should click and what I should set up.


Other than that,


I hope I will manage independently with practice how to use it software.


Thanks in advance,


Eduard Malikin.


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Typically you are not drawing on an image and repsect the margins. Instead your fitting the image somehow on the page of the printer.


I would recommend the PrintIt plugin for printing. Because it shows in the preview exactly how the page will pre printed (including margins). Threre you can also position the image with different methods.

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Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions.

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