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Moving picture~

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In Paint.NET you can only work on one picture at a time. Your current picture uses up all of your workspace--it is centered and can not be moved.

When you want to work on another picture, click on its thumbnail in the upper right corner of your Paint.NET window.

Hope this helps.

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O.K. how do I put it in Windowed mode? I am use to Photoshop and all you do there is click on the picture, hold the mouse button and move it. I am not having trouble with running this program but the most simplest thing is so difficult. ^Thank you.

Sorry, I didn't elaborate enough. The Maximize/Restore Down button

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I guess I need to be more explicit since I am not getting an answer. I am using v3.0 Final Release build 3.0.2580.31 with Windows Vista.

I cannot find any Maximize/?Down button.

I can use the program but what a pain it is to have to move EVERY pop up window OFF the picture so I can observe what is happening. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If you could move your picture to the upper left coin as in Photoshop then everything is out of the way. Thats all I want to be able to do. Granted with Aero Glass (Vista) I can see through the edges of the popups but I still have to move them OFF the picture.

Every change you want to make, such as color, hue, etc. pops up a windows right over your picture which you have to move to see whats happening. I use this mostly for pictures of Roman and Greek coins and if

I am fixing say 30 coins and I have to move the pop up box 10 times that is 300 times I have to move the blasted box. It is not unusual for me to

do more, it depends on how many I get clean. I buy uncleaned coins and then spend weeks restoring them. I need the pictures to get some of them attributed. (Identified) Tanks. :idea:

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On more than one occasion the subject has been raised concerning the locations of the pop-up dialogs. In that query, somebody asked if Paint.NET could remember where the dialogs were last positioned and open in that location everytime. Im not sure if Rick considered it or even backlogged it.


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Well I think this is a terrible shortcoming of this program. I like everything else but what a pain to have to keep moving the pop ups out of the way.

I am not a programmer but the line that posts the picture in the center of the windows surely can easily be changed to put it in the upper left corner. That way it doesn't matter where the pop ups appear, as long as they stay out of the upper left corner, of course.

Cmon somebody get to work on this, PLEASE! Thank you. :wink: :wink:

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