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I think I found where all these font issues are coming from

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... the hard way. :/

Okay, so I just installed a font. There are four new files in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts:


So now I open Paint.NET to use the fonts. They should be right between Times New Roman and Traditional Arabic... but:


They don't show up in the list. A bug? I think this is why everybody is asking questions despite the large number of previous font issue threads. The four font files are OpenType fonts, if it makes a difference.

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:?: Installing... Sigs?

I'm missing something here...

To install a font, drag-'n-drop the .ttf into the C:\ WINDOWS\ Fonts folder (for some reason or another, the backslashes aren't showing up between the folder names after submitting, but they're supposed to be there). If PDN is open at the time, you'll have to restart it before the new font can be used.

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The GDI+ text system, which is what Paint.NET uses, doesn't support OpenFont, only TrueType. This is nothing new or surprising.


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well i downloaded fonts that are True Type and for some reason they will only show up in Microsoft Word and other places where you can type (such as paint. NOT paint.net). They work propely. But when I look for them in paint.net they arent there. can someone please help me?

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