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Toli's Effects for v4.0


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This is Toli's Effects v2.0.2 recompiled to be compatible with Paint.NET 4.0, no other changes have been made.

The following decription is copied from the original thread.


1. IniFile.dll
This is a common required library, used by all my effects, which must be copied in the Effects folder if you want to use any or all the effects.
This library provides to my effects localization support (the effect in your language) and the ability to "remember" on-screen position and the options you selected.
Effect programmers, feel free to use IniFile.dll (ask me for technical support). Just don't credit yourselves for coding it.

2. MirrorRotate.dll
The Mirror / Rotate Effect

3. MirrorRotateMenu.dll
All 4 mirrors and 3 rotates from the previous plugin, now as MenuItems in a Mirror / Rotate Submenu
You should install either MirrorRotate.dll or MirrorRotateMenu.dll

4. EngraveEmboss.dll
The Engrave / Emboss Effect

5. Smooth.dll
The Smooth Effect

6. MirrorRotate.ini
7. MirrorRotateMenu.ini
8. EngraveEmboss.ini
9. Smooth.ini
Language Ini Files used by my effects for localization.
You should copy them along with the corresponding effects to the Effects folder.
(this folder should usually be: "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects", without the quotes)

10. License.txt
GNU Public License




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The Engrave / Emboss Effect

Simple test performed on a big black X on a transparent background and the Emboss or the Engrave effect fails to cover the area 100%. 

Hopefully the Author is still around to look into this






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I don't think the Engrave/Emboss works on a transparent background.  Here is a tutorial that shows how it is used:




Hope this is of help.

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