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TR's TreeMaker v 1.0.3 (June 28 2014)

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Thank you ftlog666.
I have uploaded version 1.0.3. This build removes some of the limits I imposed on the code so the users can create some fractal / Fibonacci madness.
Settings: Size 500, Spread 500, Height 1000,Complexity 30, Coverage 0, (Resist) Gravity 0, Taper 905 & Random 530


Enjoy watching it work.

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Go out there and be amazing. Have Fun, TR
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That is VERY cool TR! Nice update. :star:

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How beautiful to watch the tree unfold.  What a special parameter :) .


It reminds of this as it unfolds:




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Does this plugin only work with version 4,0.3  ?  I know there is no longer support for 3.5.11, just curious as to why it won't show up in effects on it.  I only have a fraction of the plugins in the new version that I have in the older version because many do not work in the newer one. Until I can get replacements or updated plugins, I use the older version mostly.



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^^ These guys are referring to the Plugin Browser.

Wonder why they didn't just post a link??

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No, but if a plugin shows up then you have it installed correctly.

Plugin Index (PDF or ebook versions) have that info.

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Hello TR!


My "Tree Maker" no longer works.
What should I do?
I have version 4.0.6 as paint.net. 
***Forgive me. Now working again.
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