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I just started to try out paint.net and I am using my Wacom pen/tablet.  There is a hesitation when I make contact with the workspace that makes it difficult to get precise with the paint brush.  Is there a setting anywhere for  using my pen instead of the mouse?  If not, what could be causing this sluggish brush problem?


Thank you

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Hi @pslane and Welcome to PDN.  Which version of Paint are you using - as pen pressure sensitivity was removed from v.3.5.  You may want to read this here and scroll down to the topic about it.  I too have tried a Wacom and have not had great results :( .


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Yes!  :D  As a minimum you should upgrade your version of Paint.NET to 3.5.11. Try Utilities > Check for updates or go here http://www.getpaint.net/ and click the link in the top right corner immediately under the CONTACT link.


If your Operating System (OS) is windows 7 or higher then go for the release candidate version of Paint.NET 4.0.

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I downloaded and installed 4.0 tonight and the difference is amazing.  My pen is working great, too.  The version I was using had been on my computer for years.  I think I will enjoy this but may have more questions. 


Where is a good place here to find plug-ins I might need?




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Where is a good place here to find plug-ins I might need?


The Plugin Index, which is updated monthly by @Ego Eram Reputo.



Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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I would recommend downloading Pyrochild's plugin pack, if you haven't already.
KrisVDM's pack, for the great plugins Drop Shadow, Monochromes, Object Align, and more. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8375-drop-shadow-and-other-effects-krisvdms-plugin-pack-updated-2010-10-26/
Dpy's Plugin Pack for AA's Assistant and some neat effects. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/16643-dpys-plugin-pack-2014-05-04/
And Keep an eye on any and all "Pinned" plugins. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/7-plugins-publishing-only/
Warning though, plugins are subject to updates and changes, so do visit them repeatedly to always make sure you have the most recent versions. With that being said, I also agree with trying all the plugins and effects from the 4.0 preview center.


Of course, after installing plugin packs, you can test, see, and try the plugins in Paint.NET, then later you can go back into your Effects folder to delete the ones that don't interest you. This will help keep your plugins under control, as you can keep only your favorites. There is one exception when picking and choosing doesn't work though, and that's when plugins are complied together into one dll.


Have Fun! :)

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