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Auto-resizing an image?

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Apologies if this is a really silly question, but I'm completely new to Paint.net. I seem to remember that in Pages for the Macintosh, there was a way of creating a box or frame so that whenever you dragged an image into it, the image would be automatically re-sized to fit the frame. Is there any way to do anything similar in Paint.net?


I have a template that I'll need to use each week (see attached) , and each week will require that template to feature a different image. Rather than re-size the image manually each time and then add it as a new layer into the template and then painstakingly ensure that it lines up properly, is there an easier way?


Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi bibliovore, welcome to the forum!


Could you attach a final result, It looks like there should be some individual text in the image. Also define if the image should keep the aspect ratio or not.


There is no one click solution, But I'm thinking about if the PrintIt plugin couldn't be extended to print in an image file instead of a printer. So you could define virtual papers (which are defined by images, in your case the template). The printable area of the image would then be used to place the image. Header. footer or Watermark could be used to place some additional text.





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Thanks Midora, here's an example of what the finished image should look like. Yes, there needs to be individual text that changes each week, and yes, the image of the fish needs to maintain the aspect ratio(or at least not look obviously distorted).


I wasn't aware of plugins, so I'll look into that. Any other suggestions please?




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Any other suggestions please?


I can only talk from my own perspective. You like to automate a job. There is not a big chance to do it w/o a plugin in Paint.NET.


I will ask someone if a quick shot plugin can be done. The template image and one of a fish in original size would be nice for test.


BTW: I like the FIN logo a lot.

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