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Limit CPU / RAM usage?

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Try this:


1. Open msconfig by pressing "Start + R" and typing msconfig.

2. Click on the Boot tab, and press Advanced Options.

3. Check the Maximum Memory box and state how much MB of installed memory you want to use. Press OK.

4. Check the Make all boot settings permanent box. Press OK.

This one seems to depend on what windows version you're using.


5. Click on Yes then restart.


Should work.


Edit by Rick: This is terrible advice, as it will reduce the amount of memory available for the entire system. Do not do this.

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 Id find it useful being able to have some power available while having something rendering on a big canvas, and to stop my laptop overheating. 

Sounds like you have dust bunnies in your processors fan system. I'd use a can of air from an office supply store, position it at least 5 inches from the vents and blow it out. You'll see lots of dust bunnies fly out. Your laptop should stop overheating.


Do Not us an automotive air compressor!!! High pressure can damage the fan. Do not blow into it with our mouth (saliva may come out). 

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TR, very good advice. Yes, air compressors do bust the fans :roll: As one techie found out...


I use a little plastic ramp on my laptop. It gets air circulating but because there is nothing plugged in as with some coolers, it doesn't load the laptop down. 


Dust, heat & moisture are our enemies here :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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And smoke. Don't forget that smoke in the air is being force-fed to your system via the cooling fan.


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