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LEGO Photo

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

LEGO Photo

Plugins needed:

Trail by Pyrochild

The final result:

56008s.jpg 56008ss.jpg

We need LEGO locks images to make LEGO photo.

There are some LEGO images in 48 by 48 pixels.


As the original photo I took a picture of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa".


Since the photo will consist of LEGO images size 48 by 48 pixels, the size of the original picture must be a multiple of 48.

Size of the original photo I have 1962 to 2976 pixels.

Step #1

Open the "Mona Lisa" image in

Create a new empty layer above.

Copy LEGO lock image and paste it to a new empty layer.

Move it in the top left corner of the empty layer.


Step #2

Apply the Trail-plugin by Pyrochild.


May need to apply this plugin several times (CTRL+F) to fill the entire horizontal row.

Apply the Trail-plugin by Pyrochild with 270 degrees direction to fill the entire vertical row.


Intermediate result:


Step #3

Move the picture of the Mona Lisa on the layer above the LEGO.

Apply Effects – Distort – Pixelate.


Step #4

Set the blending mode of the layer with the Mona Lisa as "multiply".


The final result:

flag.gif Description of this tutorial in Russian

56008s.jpg 56008ss.jpg

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Thank you! It's really just а funny tutorial. At the same time, we saw how to use the plugin Trail.

The use of Pixelate effect can help in creating palettes. May be it will be useful. blush.gif

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This is really nice!  I'm a big fan of this effect.


You can do way more than just LEGOs with this, too.  Nursery blocks, bricks, bouncy balls...


and increasing the Contrast will make it look even more like a stack of LEGOs.  :-)  Nice work!

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This was interesting and definitely use a large image to start with. Mine was 3888 x 2592.

Super easy and I foresee more pixelated images in my future. :lol:


Thanks Xmario.



Edited by doughty

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