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Colur palette numbers

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You have four values. These might be CYMK (Cyan, Red, Magenta K=black) or RGBA (Red, Green, Blue & Alpha=transparency).

Through trial and error - I don't think you have an RGBA combination. They just don't add up to teal.

I suspect therefore, that you have an CYMK definition.

Paint.NET works in the RGBA color space. Unfortunately there is no 1:1 correlation between CYMK and RGBA. You're best to do a best-bet approximation. I used this online resource: http://web.forret.com/tools/color.asp?C=27&M=00&Y=04&K=15

Inputting CYMK = 27, 00, 04, 15 the computed RGB values are 158, 217, 208 or hex #9ED9D0

To generate this color in Paint.NET, enlarge the Colors Window (press the MORE button) and type in the RGB values in the top right value boxes. When you enter the three RGB values, the hex value in the color window equals the same hex value the online tool gave us (#9ED9D0). Notice the square color indicator near the top left? Looks teal to me!


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I'm not familiar with that notation. Is grey 3 a preset color? If so the % figure looks like the opacity.

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