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Cannot "Send feedback or bug report..."

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I was trying to report "Magic wand looks weird" from within PDN but then nothing happened, except for a cursor turning from standard arrow into hourglass. PDN was restarted before giving it another try but with the same results.

PDN version 4.0.5268


1. I click the button with a question mark in the upper right corner

2. I click Send feedback or bug report, the cursor turns into the hourglass

3. no step three, nothing happens.


I can then click, for example, on the File menu, the cursor goes back to normal and I can carry on, except for sending feedback and/or bug reports of course.


I have used this feature in a previous release of the beta when I reported an issue about the Windows clipboard not being accessible from within PDN.


Regards, Sylvain


PS: it's a bug report about not being to report bugs ;-)

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It works for me. Maybe your email client is not registered in a way that Paint.NET can open it.

But probably just Rick knows the method Paint.NET is using to send the mailto; request.

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Same error here. I do not have any email client installed, maybe it's because of that. It sure looks funny that you can still paint and do everything with the hourglas/wait cursor :D




after a few hours this Windows dialog popped up: "Der Vorgang kann nicht ausgeführt werden, weil der Standard-Mailclient nicht richtig installiert ist." basically saying: no standard mail client installed/configured.

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