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rotation and free form rotation of rectagular tool.

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Hi everyone : I am very new to paint.net. Im trying to create a chroma green screen on an imported photo of a lap top. The lap top image screen is on a angle and requires an oblique rectangular shape and then bucket filled with a green color.

The main rectangular tool always maintains its ratio and you cannot independantly move one side or skew one side of the rectangle. Also i cannot find a triangular tool ???


Can anyone help this first time user


Many thanks inadvance

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I would try a technique similar to the one used in this tutorial.

1. On a new layer, use the line tool to outline the area you wish to make green

2. Use the magic wand tool to select the area you outlined

3. Delete the layer with the outline (the selection should still be active)

4. Make green your primary color, then press backspace to fill the selection

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