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I would like to see a ruler tool that allows the user to measure from point A to B.  The reason why I would like to see this is because I'm doing some animation work and I have to measure the line of pixels to compare it to other frames in the animation.  I'm not sure if there are others out there that feel the same way, I was just putting in my two cents.  I think it would be a nice add-on to an already great software.


Keep up the Good Work Guys!!!



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There's a button up on the Menu Bar Called Rulers  :Rulers: , would they help you at all?
Also, this might sound a little silly, but what about using layers and actually inserting a picture of a ruler? It might not measure pixels but it would give you a reference of even spacing.
And a tip you may or may not already know, but one that could help...
If you press the arrow keys on your keyboard while moving an object or drawing, they will move things one pixel at a time. This is great for aligning things perfectly.

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