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Plugin Request -- Dents Scatter Combo

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Hello! :)
Not sure if a plugin already exists that can do what I'm looking for, or how hard it would be to make a plugin that can do what I'm looking for, but here's what I'm wanting...
I would like a plugin that can help me achieve something similar to this look :
This image is from a Photoshop tutorial on how to use Photoshop's Displacement Maps and Layer Styles --

The Paint.NET Displacement plugin is cool, but I haven't been able to get it to produce the right look.
Here's an example --


I think a plugin that's a combo between Paint.NET's Dents Effect and the Scatter Plugin would create a closer effect to what I want.

Examples :

A fruit I edited using layers of dents and blending --



Sample images I used the Scatter Plugin on --



The Dents technique used on the fruit is a struggle to do on more advanced images and objects, while the scatter plugin is restricted to small noise particles. If a plugin could produce various dents but the dents can come off of the image similar to the particles of the scatter plugin, I think that would be very cool.


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