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Exif data has user comment cleared after using paint.net 4.0


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I use Kolor APG for stitching panoramas and have just started using Kolor Panotour 2.0 to convert jpg files to flash for the web


I often using paint.net after stitching to tidy up small errors that arise from stitching and in the past this has been much more effective than correcting these by restitching the whole thing again


However I have just discovered that Panotour seems to use the "User Comment" field in the exif data to record FOV and Offset data for use in converting to spherical Flash images for the web


Paint.net seems to delete this data from exif which I assume is a bug and this causes Panotour to use the wrong data unless I can go back to find out what it should have been and re-enter it into Panotour manually


Any chance of a fix


Pre and Post paint.net exif samples atached




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I should add that I only just spotted this problem as I only just started using Kolor Panotour but on reverting to 3.5.10 temporarily I can now add that the exact same problem exists with this version too - i.e. it is not a V4 specific issue



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