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Hi guys!


If any of you are interested, I'm going to be doing a question and answer session for Tachyon Entertainment.  For this to occur, we'd need some questions. :D


Feel free to post any questions about the art, design, code, business model, people and future plans for Tachyon.


Sorry to start a new thread for this, but I think it's useful to have a clean thread for such things. Oh, you can also PM me any questions you have.


(If, however, any mods that be decide that this doesn't deserve it's own thread, feel free to merge this with the main TE thread. :) )


Here's a robot for you to look at:



Thanks! :)


:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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Mike - this forum is for Paint.NET related stuff, not your personal projects.  You should have your own website or facebook page to promote Tachyon.


Of course anything you create for Tachyon using Paint.NET is a worthy subject for your Gallery (hint hint).  Please feel free to keep showing us what you're creating with Paint.NET.


In closing this thread I want to wish you and Tachyon every success.

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