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We Mods eliminate spammers very quickly.  They don't get a second chance.  If you have specific concerns please PM a Mod or fill out a report.

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That's not even close to the worst.  On August 29, 2007 (Black Wednesday), we had a MASSIVE spam attack.  It lasted from before 6:23 AM until almost 10:00 that night (EDT), and consisted of hundreds of bots on different IP addresses posting the same message - "OMG YER YER YER" - over and over.  We had 4 moderators and admins - including Ash and CMD - deleting users and posts for almost eight hours.  When all was said and done, there were 3,000 spam posts on our forum.




And I think it may have happened again a few months later, but I can't find any reference to it in our mod forum...er...that certainly doesn't exist... ;)


Anyway, I think this is an <offtopic> kind of post.  Moved it over.


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I banned at least a dozen spammers yesterday.

Sometimes, though, I'm not sure if a new user is a spammer. They look like a spammer (links in sig, etc.) but they make a SOMEWHAT normal first post. In those cases, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt by not banning them outright. What I do in those cases is to edit their account to remove their signature, delete their home page, and change their interests to something funny. If they're a spammer they won't be back. If not, they'll eventually see the edit and fix it... no harm done.

Example: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2947-color-palettes-go-here/page-4#entry410479

Maybe that's what you're seeing?

EDIT: List of spammers killed...
























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I saw three posts by one last night but they disappeared real quick. In the last few weeks I have seen several but they do disappear quickly. The mods are definitely on the ball and do a great job of keeping them out. I was just wondering why all of a sudden I have been seeing more and more of them but maybe it's just a case of being in the right place at the right time to see them seeing as they do go away rather quickly.  I can't even remember what any of them said,lol.



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I try to be quick about flagging spammers. Usually, they're easy to find just by the topic titles. Maybe I should slow down...I almost flagged EER when he posted that thread titled "standing workstation"

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Oh, wow - I'd completely forgotten about that, but those four words are enough to bring back traumatic, repressed memories of that event. :D In retrospect, it was all sort of amusing, though I imagine it was much less fun to have to deal with it.

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There should be moderators from all parts of the hemisphere / time zones, that way there is always someone on-line to remove the offending junk that blocks the real topics on here. As it stands now there is only moderators from the USA, Australia and New Zealand and none from Europe / Scandinavia / Russia.

Just my opinion.



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Rick adds Moderators for their ability to support the forum and it's users, not their location.

I understand where you're coming from regarding global coverage. However this is not the main criteria for appointments.

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