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paint.net 4.0 beta build 5268

Rick Brewster

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i found the issue, it was apparently mcafee's real time scanning that prevented paint.net from installing. after i disabled that for a few minutes, the installation was successful, yay.


Yep, me too. I've never had it before & mostly ignored it. I was very naughty & did not uninstall it with the other AV I was running. I've now deleted it. 


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Hi, are there any reasons for the super-sampling resampler no longer used on v4.0?

Super-sampling resized image seems to have smoother quality compares to Fant resampler on v4.0.

it also lets me reduce the moire-like noise with just single-pass surface blur, while Fant resampler still have some noise left on the image.


Please consider to add super-sampling back to v4.0. Thanks!

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I am not 100% sure, but this might be a bug:


When I open up the window to resize my image and type in a number, the mouse cursor disappears(which is right) but when you move you mouse it is still invisible, unless you hover over the resize-window. Ehm.. not sure how to explain it better... basically the mouse disappears and does not appear when moved but when hovering over the option-window area. Let me know if this was unclear. I'm gonna try this with images next time xD

Oh and (This is not a feature request....)  but I am just saying it would me much appreciated if we could use math inside numeric text box... like for ex: width is 236 and you want to make the image half its size. You could just type 236/2 and PEW 118 appears. This actively promotes people getting dumber.. but hey.. not everyone can be a genius :P



This is Paint.NET 4.0-wide Bug for me:

When clicking very fast with some Tools (Example: Brush or Eraser) i get a pixelated Image next to the Mouse.





A Video (Yes, it was made knowingly in front of the screen):



My System:



I get this every time. 

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