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Stencils, work paths! Tutorial?

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Hi, ive just stumble across this paint.net programme and have falling instantly in love with it.

Ive read thru most of the tutorials and they are all great but as u would have it theres not one for wot i am trying to do!

Trying to make a Stencil.!

If theres anyone out there that knows how to make a good stencil from either photos or pics in paint.net please post and let me know?

I can do half of wot i need to do an this is kinda fustrating me? please help!!!

Also is there paths or work paths in paint.net as there is in photoshop cos this would make a big difference, or is there a similar way to use a work path that i dont know of in this programme!?

churs for ur time and hope to hear from some of u soon :)

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