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Is there a Merge Layers option?

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Sheesh, haven't posted in...forever. :shock:

I've looked all over the program, and can't seem to find the option. Does it exist within the program or a plugin, anything? Because I've got a picture I'm TRYING to cg for the first time with a mouse and PdN, and I've got three layers that I want to be merged into a single layer.

My predicament: Clickie!

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Well, sorry, gotta upgrade to 3.0 for that functionality. :D

I actually had a work around for this in 2.72. I would uncheck all the layers I didn't want to merge and then flatten, copy the new single layer and undo the flatten. Then I would just paste the flattened section on one of the old merged layers and delete the extra layers...


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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