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Is there a list of full 'new features' of 4.0 anywhere?


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Sorry but I reverted back to 3.5. 4.0 is clearly meant for more complex projects then what I do. And I am guessing its superb for them but in making it so great for the complex projects its made is worse for simple projects. I can do everything with 4.0 that I did with 3.5.11 but its much slower. And I just value my speed and efficiency too much. Sorry. :(


One last thing to add though, The last thing I did before finishing the page I was using to test 4.0 was use the paint bucket in the big image multiple times. I noticed that paint.net would make me wait for a second or two with a loading bar with each click. I feel thats worse then 3.5's way of letting me click everywhere then just sit back and wait for it to catch up.


I think that would be better if a painter could keep painting while the loading bar was up and each action just make the loading bar take longer to reach completion.

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The reason for having to "finish" with the paint bucket tool is that it allows you to edit before you apply it. There are now many combinations of settings you can use on the paint bucket (like blend modes), and you can even adjust the position. To have to undo and try again every time you want to see a different setting would be very inconvenient.

Sure, it adds an extra button press, but it's not so bad if you keep one hand on the keyboard all the time for hotkeys.

The enter key is too far away from the rest of the hotkeys to be convenient, so I like to use ctrl+d or esc instead.

It's not too bad once you get used to it. The benefits of using 4.0 (like being able to zoom in on very large images), I think, outweigh the extra button presses.

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You can also press Ctrl+D (Deselect) to finish/commit. It wasn't supposed to do that (technically it was a bug!) but people got used to it and it kinda just felt right so I left it.

Using this would allow you to click with the mouse in your right hand and commit with a quick key combo from the left hand. Lefties can use Enter to finish/commit.

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I guess I could get used to the paint brush and the needing to finish. But there are just so many other small things that really add up.


I like to finish at least a page a day,


First there was the weird brush thing which is going to take me a while to adapt to if I can.


Then there was the coloring thing which I probably can adapt to if I can get into the habit of using the hotkey.


Then there is the lack of the freeform shape option which forced me to hand draw with the paintbrush.


Then there is the way it doesn't queue up commands.Which slows things down a bit when its getting taxed and backlogged. Though that is made up I guess by it going faster with big images.


There is also this feeling of general sluggishness with everything but I'm guessing thats an illusion caused by the way it loads every action in stages.


And umm... well thats about it.  I could have sworn there were actually a bunch of small things. When I lay it out like this everything save for the third, which is very minor, I could possibly adjust to.


Though on the other hand reasons for staying switched to 4.0 are


Uses less battery power.


Can make changes to the big image easier.


Kind of wish there was something that actually helped my *airquotes* "art". Be faster or look better (without taking more time). But there isn't.


The choice I have to make is if its worth adjusting to the brush and need to finish just for battery power. Of course I also have to take into account the fact that this is beta and future polish could improve my experience with it.


I don't know, the problem is that the biggest factor to consider is an absolute unknown. The state of 4.0 in the future. And it frustrates the heck out of me.

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