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Your Paint.Net... What do you use it for? (like as a hobby, for fun, for work?)


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CS:GO has to accept the skin first then it will be available ingame :/

I was not aware of that. I thought it was like the Garry's Mod workshop, where you uploaded and it was automatically available. Well, I hope it gets accepted soon!



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Steven Wright


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I use PDN for a number of things:


-General artwork (yes, I know you're shocked)

-Commercial use. I've earned some money off PDN before by someone using my designs for game mats.

-I've designed CD covers and such with it before.

-I have used PDN to aid in a CSS reskin. I have done a small one to the PDN forums which I will show if wanted.

Basically it just gives the forums a more modern flat look.

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Often in conjunction with Irfan (and without having yet tackled: recolor, gradient, pan & clone):

...I use the geniously-programmed paint.net for very rough practical ideas, in the hope of conveying needed solutions to a world who could care less.  In the hope that simple solutions to problems would be made available in a future world, if only because the idea was passed on. Cuz often the best solution, can be the least complicated one.


Like a simple message in a simple bottle, floating in the ethers.


Such as the little boy who advised the grown-ups - why not just deflate the tires?

(to resolve a high-clearance truck stuck in tunnel)

Such as suspending silicone flaps above walkways, due to cars who ignore white-painted walkways.


Such as a simple neighbor who once offered me a food which resolved a horrific issue I had, when all "pro" sources failed me (yet subsequent tellee's remained aloofly skeptical.


Seems the world specializes in cranking out frosted aloofs and broiled goofs.


(btw, traffic solutions needs to take into account that a future world may lack silly traffic issues due to ZPE)


P.S. My current fantasy is "how I wish I could design via Thingieverse & print via 3d printer a particular type of ultra-useful ultra-potential disposable thingie for the purpose of a kit which I'm currently marketing for the primary reason of conveying the concept of healing via infrared in combo with quicksand, followed up by SVF cell infusion.

Edited by minni

I'm most comfortable with Advocates of Transparent RepairCare (vs. Stealthcare) no matter their graphic expertise.


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Hobby, practice, college work, editing... It's easy to create textures and using its filters.

Also, I use PDN along with other graphics software I have. :]

But I still didn't use it for commercial purposes. I don't know how to set a price on a product. *shrugs* o~o

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on might not be family-friendly. 😱 )

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It's one of many tools I use for Photography and Videography. It's one of those great free gems like blender, Aviutl, avisynth, ffmpeg, x264 / x265 and many others I won't mention here. It's light wieght, powerful and easy to use. Best of all is the large selection of great plugins available for it.


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I started to get a little serious with PDN when somebody asked me to design their Facebook banner.


Now I use it to make art, some of which are inspired by techniques I found on this forum and other self-made techniques too.



I also use it to make color, saturation, levels, curves adjustment for photos.



I just find it way easier to use than Photoshop or Gimp because the plugin system is easier to get along with than the complicated menus of the more complex software with features that are hidden. I'm also using a low powered machine so Paint.NET would be more practical.

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