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Remove Satellite Flare

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New at photo scenery.  In picture near bottom of runway is a light blue shade of color. 

Is there some plugin available in Paint.Net that would fix this?

Going to try and send image.  Thank you for any sugestions.


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Sorry, the only thing I can think of that you could do, is try some sort of image manipulation. For that image I would probably work zoomed in fairly close and copy/paste pieces from other parts of the image to "re-build" over top of the blue part.


Or, if you want to just change the color of the blue shade, then learning how to re-color images would be what you might want to try.
Most people might use the lasso tool to select the blue area, copy the area, add a new layer, paste. Then adjust the color with adjustments from paint.net's adjustments tab. For example Menu Bar > Adjustments Tab > Hue/Saturation.
I on the other hand, I don't tend to use the lasso tool. I personally prefer to add a new layer and trace the area I want re-colored with the line/curve tool and paintbrush, then I make a selection from that using the magic wand. But, that's just a brief touch on how I re-color, and unfortunately I don't have time to fully explain much more than that.


Over all though, image manipulations, and sometimes re-coloring, requires time, effort, and the knowing of how to use layers. So, if possible, it would probably be better to get a better photo.


Either way, good luck! :)

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I would try using the Clone Stamp Tool :CloneStampTool: which can copy areas that look similar onto the blue area. See how to use it here  ;)



EDIT:  This is after using the Clone Stamp:


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