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BoltBait's Plugin Pack for v4.0+ Updated February 5, 2015

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Perhaps you could post the icon. I'm obsessed with having icons for every plugin.

All icons are posted in the first post in this thread... always have been.

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Even though I'm not sure what it is good for, I ended up putting Gaussian Blur+ into my new plugin pack.

With any luck, I should be publishing the new pack later today.


After updating to version 4.0.6, download the new plugin pack here:

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Now, if you still have the following effect dll's installed, you can delete them:

:Cancel: FlipPlugin.dll (The one done by Illnab1024 and me) - Replaced with flip.dll in this package.

:Cancel: Arrows.dll - Now included in Paint.NET

:Cancel: Portrait.dll - Now included in Paint.NET

:Cancel: InkSketch.dll - Now included in Paint.NET

:Cancel: GaussianBlurChannel.dll - Replaced with GaussianBlurPlus.dll in this package.

:Cancel: GridMaker.dll - Replaced with GridCheckerboard.dll in this package.

:Cancel: Halo.dll - Replaced with ObjectTools.dll in this package.

:Cancel: Outline.dll - Now contained in ObjectTools.dll in this package. *NEW*

:Cancel: InnerShadow.dll - Now contained in ObjectTools.dll in this package. *NEW*

:Cancel: ObjectFeather.dll - Now contained in ObjectTools.dll in this package. *NEW*


Ooooooh, ok, so THAT'S WHY I HAVE repeat identical feather icons on my EFFECTS>OBJECTS directory....but I'm still not comfortable deleting them because I'm not sure if they are showing up in BOTH places (objects AND tools, in the EFFECTS directory, because I don't have duplicate .dll files, just duplicate ICONs of files with close to similar names.


and do or don't delete the dll files on the "DELETE LIST" at the bottom, the last three...I'm afraid to delete some of the above dll files even tho they are stated to be listed in the object tools directory because if it's gone, it's gone and won't even show up in the object tools directory?


Oh, the woes of not being a programmer, software guru (which I'm working on) or IT person. It must be truly painful for some of you to read this kind of posting over and over. How you all don't take your shoe off and want to beat us, the computer, or yourself in the head from frustration is a testiment to your patience, professionalism, and character...(but one can only imagine the friggin hysterical PM conversations, wrath, and jokes about it, understandably. I'd be like, "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! IT'S THAT WEIRD SCRAPBOOK MOM PERSON AGAIN!!!!" :))


It's a little confoosing to my brainhouse but I'm trying to keep up with plungins and how they shift directory locations. Regardless, the plugins are appreciated always.


On another note, I'm really smart in other ways. I SWEAR IT!!

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When I press on the things from the plugin, it makes me restart When I restart it, I press on the things from the plugin and it tells me to restart it again. It goes on and on and it doesn't go anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

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