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Plugin Request: Merge (Morph) 2 images together

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I would like a plugin to Merge/Morph 2 images together


I used to have a program in WinDoze 95 that would take 2 similar images (say, a face), and morph them together into a single face that had characteristics of both - and you could control how much emphasis to place on one image vs the other.


The program I had is no longer available, and I can't find another such program.


It would allow you to select a region (a face, a landscape, etc), of 2 similar images, and create a composite of the two. Think of taking a picture of a mother and a father, and producing an image of an (adult) child of the two parents.


Another use for it was to, say, take a monkey's head and morph it onto a human's body, without having to manually select & copy the monkey's head, resize it to fit, merge/blur/match skin color & contour lines, etc - it did that for you.


Could someone please create such a plugin?

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You selected 1 image as primary, and then you selected the regions that you would merge. It would retain the background of the primary image, doing what it could to adjust the background according to the secondary's selected area.


If you morphed 2 faces together, it did a pretty decent job. If you put a monkey's head on a zebra's body, well, it wouldn't be so perfect due to the difference in head shape, but for a caricature it was adequate.


On similar images (such as a face), it did a good job of identifying facial features (eye, nose, mouth, & ear positions, for example). It had control points overlayed on each image that you could move to adjust it. So, it showed the 2 images side-by-side, with dots overlayed on what it thought were similar points in each image (such as left/right edges of the mouth & eyes, and top/bottom of the nose & ears, and allowed you to adjust them, before it rendered the merged/morphed image.

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I'm not a plugin writer so i couldn't say whether or not it could be done for PDN. It sounds like it would be a complicated one to make though. But the people who write them are pretty clever and like a challenge so you never know.  ;)   


I have done many pics of myself like my avatar and with other heads like animals and some I make with Sculptris using different plugins already made but it takes some time to do it. What you are suggesting sounds like it could be a one step process that would result in some pretty cool pics. I hope someone can take you up on this idea.    :)



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