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Me: #*!%

She: Your fault.  You lost the appointment letter

Me:  My fault ?  You wrote it on the calendar

Receptionist:  At least you know where to find us tomorrow

She:  True.  May as well do some Christmas shopping

Me:  You're both comedians #*!%

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... according to something on the radio the other day ... If Father Christmas drank all the brandy left for him, he'd be 11,000 times over the UK drink/ drive limit 😕


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Is it just me as a man and present wrapping ?

Just spent an hour and a half on six presents ... paper too small ... paper too big.  Despite the grids on the back.  One is like a patchwork quilt 😏

... losing the end of the sellotape is easy - finding end of said sellotape, not so easy ... sellotape sticking to your fingers ... sellotape ripping paper.  

New nemesis.  Sellotape.  Then remembering halfway through I've left the price tags on


 I could wallpaper half a room in the time it's taken me.  Is giving money really so unromantic ?

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