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On ‎10‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 3:05 AM, welshblue said:

Being a bit of an amateur etymologist (sad I know) but technically both of them are true for the UK. 

Shakespeare can be partly attributed to the demise of the use of Fall in the UK, ( possibly Chaucer much earlier) 

When the New World was developing it fell out of favour here and it stems from the old english word Feallan 


Gonna crawl back into my box now


Gees another thing you blame us Yanks for!  An' just so you will know, I have read the books of Shakespeare and Dr. Watson and I tried Chaucer but the words were spelled funny - type setters error most likely.   So, Set that in your bath water and smok...oops lost the old train of thought...again

Well, cat.jpg so to make up for it .






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  Age is only  a number --in my case a Really BIG number, but there you have it

When the prefect paint.net image is created, I will still be wondering "How they Do that?"- sigh☺️


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22 hours ago, welshblue said:


2 days 5 hrs 32 minutes ...


Although not sure which is safest - smoking or giving up.  I'm on Champix tablets and they give you really really weird dreams.

Last night I was being attacked by a wolf with an axe ... and woke up when my wife battered me for biting her on the neck


... the swollen lip would make a cigarette uncomfortable today, so maybe the tablets do work ?



Eeeek...good for you! However, be careful with that medication. It can mess you up severely.

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1 hour ago, welshblue said:

Never could fathom out what constitutes a real man.  As opposed to ? ? (Unless they're transitioning  ... then I get it)


I always consult the manual as I am assembling pieces of furniture or doing maintenance work on my truck.

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