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Standing workstation

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Day One.


I've been reading up on changing my workplace's seated workstation to a standing one.  This morning I elevated the monitor and keyboard to the prescribed height.  The results are ... interesting.


The change has certainly given me a fresh perspective.  I am liking this upright position, but it will take a little time to get used to the increased pressure on my feet.


One recommendation I found was to have the monitor angled away from the head at about 20 degrees.  This proved far too much, so I've reduced it to 14 degrees.


I'll keep posting here as I experiment with this new position.




Anyone else using a standing workstation?


If so, what angle is your monitor?

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Day Two.


Certainly my feet are feeling the difference.  I've added an anti-fatigue mat (actually a piece of carpet - but don't tell anyone).


I still like the upright position a great deal.  Feels more energetic somehow.


Is no one else standing in front of their workstation?  I thought this was a BIG THING.  Apparently not (yet).

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My office only provides seated desks.  I've heard a lot about treadmill desks, but that seems like it would make things difficult.  Wouldn't fit in my home office anyway.


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My dad has a treadmill desk. He likes it a lot, but he can't type while walking on it so he only uses it while reading news and catching up on customer reports and uses it as a standing desk otherwise.


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Part of my problem is that the dorms at my college don't offer standing workstations. And they like to put the beds above the desks so we kill brain cells every time we stand up.

The other part of my problem is I'm in college, so I'm pretty flat-out broke.

Otherwise, a standing workstation sounds pretty cool.

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Skip to 0:55. That's all I can say.


Take out the standing part and replace it with chair. Other than that, I think it would be a good idea.

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