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Paint pain

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Some people Paint, while others have Pain.


But for me the 2 are synonymous (i.e. painting-pain - pain-painting, whatever..


I literally get bodywide pain from computer EMFs, and from backlights literally frying my eyes, plus skin & mucosal inflammations & cysts.My dad has macular degeneration, but I'm headed there 30 years prematurely. Starting with the cataracts too.


It's terrifying, so I have a question:


Does anyone see Tablets, anytime soon - becoming:

(1) free of backlights (like Pixel Qi)

(2) ALSO cheap

(3) ALSO free of VOCS - like Smart Zero Caulk is zero VOC


P.S. I'm not unique - read the PDF book Black On White. Also Invisible Disease, Cross Currents & more.

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