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How to put a image under a picture?

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Hello & welcome!

You'll need areas of transparency (think: holes) in the top image so the lower image has places to show through. Try this:

1. Create a new blank canvas.

2. With the Fill tool, fill the canvas with green.

3. Activate the Rectangle selection tool and make a selection in the middle of the green area. Press Delete. This should remove the selected area of green and replace it with a gray & white checkerboard pattern - this is Paint.NET's way of showing transparency!

4. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

5. Again with the Fill tool - fill this area with Blue color.

6. Move the layer down :MoveLayerDown: in the layers window.

See how the top layer with the hole allows the lower layer to show through? That's approximately how you need to arrange your layers to have one image above another with bits of the lower layer showing through.

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Hello. :)


For a picture in a picture, try this :

1) First, have each image on their own layer.

2) Next, click on the top layer.

3) Then, in your tools window, find the "Move Selected Pixels" tool :MoveTool: and choose it.

4) Now, click on your image once, you will see it becomes "selected". Look at the corners of the canvas and you will see nods. Clicking and holding down on a nod while dragging your mouse will re-size the selected image. Note: Holding shift on your keyboard while re-sizing will maintain the image's aspect ratio.

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