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Lost space because of zoom

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One little thing I noticed with this great software...


In my case I make tiles. E.g. I have a tile 512*512. With my rig I can see tiles til 1024 within one normal window and all of it. If I now zoom a 512 tile e.g. 300%, then, the tile is now over the size of the window, it is not possible to get pixel 512 from the height. 511 and finish...all.

Pixel 0 is possible, but not 512...


Is this known? Can someone confirm?

If so, can it been corrected?


(And yes, I used the vetical scrollbar <g>.)





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Hello Earlybite,

I'm not sure I understand you? :/

I hope this doesn't sound condescending.
Numbering the pixels from 'pixel 0' to 'pixel 511' makes 512 pixels.
So if you can see pixel 0 and pixel 511 - you are seeing 512 pixels.

- if that is not what you meant, then I apologize.


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OK, I tried following:


A tile 1024*1024

Drawing a line at 0 (from top), 0 degree..., a line at 1023..., one at 1024.


Line at 0 is visible, at 1023 visible too, at 1024 not.


It seems that it is top down and starts really at 0.


Same like VisualBasic and C++...in some cases.


OK, thanks a lot!




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