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Unable to resize image - memory issue or bug?

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I've been using Paint.net regularly for over a year now to create online marketing images, posters and flyers for music events.


I have recently began working on a logo and wanted the master file to be large so I could use my created image across a variety of different media. The problem I am facing is thatI cannot resize my image bigger than:


Pixel size: W 4500 x H 4500

Resolution: 300dpi

Print size: W 15.00 x H 15.00 centimetres


No layers and the canvas is totally blank & white, (i.e. background)


If I attempt to increase my image size beyond this Paint.net freezes and I have to use task manager to shut it down.


My computer has the following specs:


Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 64bit @ 2.66Ghz

Available physical memory: 1.46 GB

Available virtual memory: 1.96 GB

Operating system: Windows XP SP3


I have checked previous threads on related issues and understand the formula (pixel width X pixel height X 4) x (layers + 2)


I understand that (4500 x 4500 x 4) x (1+2) equals 243,000,000 MB or 0.237GB (1 GB = 1024 MB)


As my available physical memory is 1.46GB I can't understand why the image won't resize beyond this pixel size; even considering that image resize requires a PC has enough memory to hold both the old and new image sizes simultaneously I should be able to double the image size with plenty of memory to spare.


Thanks to anyone for any information, advice or clarity they can bring to the issue.

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I believe that Paint.Net has a maximum size limit,not sure if I am right or what it is. I also believe your math is off and it would be 237,000 GB, or 237 TB. I use windows 7 with 8GB of memory and a quad core processor and even that would have a hard time with an image the size you are talking about. It seems to me that you are asking a mouse to do the job of a horse.   ;)

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You need memory to keep other bits of Windows running, plus any other apps you have loaded.

Your 1.4Gb is very small by today's standards. Really you've got three options:

1. Make the image as large as your system can handle. Remember each new layer you add increases the memory overhead.

2. Install more memory. It's cheap. Of course XP has reached the end of its life, so.....

3. Get a flash new system with 64 bit Win8 and oodles of memory. Poof. Problem gone ;)

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My Hat - love the username! :)

Here's my maths - just as likely to be wrong as anyone elses!

number of pixels = 4500 * 4500 = 20250000
number of bytes per pixel = 4
number of bytes for one layer (not in Pdn) = 4 * 20250000 = 81000000bytes
minimum number of layers required by Pdn = 1 + 2 = 3
absolute minimum memory required by Pdn = 3 * 81000000bytes = 243000000
1024 bytes in a Kilobyte = 237304.6875 Kilobytes
1024 kilobytes in a Megabyte =~ 231.74 Megabytes
1024 Megabytes in a Gigabyte = 0.23 Gigabytes

Please do double check my calculations!

I would think you should be able to do some editing with that size image.
I just made an image with 10 layers at 4500 square (96dpi) - very slow but didn't crash and I only have 2 Gigabytes RAM.
(I do use a flash drive for 'readyboost' so that pushes my RAM up to about 3.5Gb - I'm on Vista, not sure if XP supports that?)
The d.p.i. shouldn't be relevant for the memory used.

Well done for keeping XP alive so long! - but an upgrade is probably the easiest soloution with Pdn4 on the horizon.

If I've messed up the maths - please correct me ( I used all my fingers and toes) :D

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Thanks for the replies, your time is appreciated.


Regarding the maths, I think I was correct (always room for error of course...):

  • Number of pixels = 4500 * 4500 = 20,250,000
  • Number of bytes per pixel = 4
  • 4 x 20,250,000 = 81,000,000 bytes


  • Minimum number of layers required by Pdn = 1 + 2 = 3
  • 3 * 81,000,000bytes = 243,000,000bytes


  • 1024 bytes in a megabyte = 243,000,000bytes / 1024 = 237304.69KB
  • 1024 kilobytes in a Megabyte = 237304.69KB / 1024 = 231.74MB
  • 1024 Megabytes in a Gigabyte = 231.74 / 1024 = 0.23 Gigabytes


  • For this operation Paint.NET is using approximately 0.23GB
  • Available physical memory: 1.46 GB

Alongside Paint.net I'll be running Firefox with a couple of open tabs, Windows player and Kaspersky 2013; I usually have system idle processes in the 90% + region.


I will look to increasing memory and installing Windows 7, but given that the maths is correct and the use of other programmes running simultaneously alongside Paint.net is low I find it hard to put this particular problem down to a hardware issue alone.


I don't think a 15cm x 15cm / 4500 x 4500 pixel image is that large, even for my computer.


Any further insights and ideas gratefully accepted.

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