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Sand Text (how to write on sand)

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@Red ochre, nitenurse, Helen,Cc4FuzzyHuggles, Pixey, MikeRobe, Ventor, Goonfella, Seerose and DrewDale,


Great result from all of you, I am so glad with all these beautiful images, and this give a good indication that the tutorial was clear enough and maybe easy to follow :)


And I would like to thank EER & David for the tutorial pin. Thanks so much :)

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I made the handwriting in the sand following this tutorial. Instead of making my sand from scratch, I used this image and overlayed the effect on the beach image.


To do the animation, I imported both images (before/after) into Aviutl (a very good free, very advanced video editor)  http://www.videohelp.com/tools/AviUtl Then I used a Technic called "animated mask revile" to give the appearance of writing live. It's a typical effect to simulate handwriting. I then exported to animated GIF.   


I made a bunch of tutorials for Aviutl, but it is very advanced and not suitable to novice video editors.






It can make nice special effects like this example:


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