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Making a cloth, wrinkled or slightly wavy background

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I'm making playing cards for a game, and would like to do something similar to the attached.  I have a red background that I would like to make appear as crushed velvet, or like wavy, irregular or rough cloth.  The foreground would be a parchment piece, and some very kind users directed me to the photo > olden and the distort > crystallize Effects plug ins.  They're great.


I can't seem to find something that might help me with creating a border similar to the card attached, however.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks very much in advance.


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Edit: And I've just realized that "olden" looks like it applies the effect to the entire image.  I can't seem to make it work just for the selected layer or selected object.  Is there a plug in that can create a texture like in the parchment section of the above example?

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