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Easy Way To Remove White Background?

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I have been messing around with this program for a day now and I'm understanding some of it but I am wondering if there is an easier way.


Here is what I'm doing (or trying to do): I have line drawings in jpeg format that I am using for T-Shirts. Actually, the jpegs are the original formats as I have them converted to eps files now. Anyway...I am trying to take these jpegs and submit them to a print fulfillment company as png files. Here is the problem, I need to have only the lines and remove the background. Obviously, when I open the file, the whole thing comes in as a background. So I select the magic wand, mess around with some settings, go through picking every line, create new layer, and now I have all these outlines on the new layer. Next step I use paint bucket to fill in the outlines but it doesn't always fill them in solid. So, I try brush but I can't get that to actually do anything on either layer.


So what I'm asking...


1) Is there a more simple and accurate way to remove the background?


2) Why can't I get the paint brush to work?



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Hello, for removing white backgrounds I like the Grim Color Reaper plugin. Where it says "What Color?" I set it to "White". Plugin found here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15595-grim-color-reaper-plugin/

If you don't know how to instuall plugins, see here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1708-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting-thread/


For the paint bucket, try adjusting the tolerance. Or, instead of using the paint bucket tool, try selecting the outside of your lines with the magic wand, then invert the selection (ctrl + i), and go up to the menu bar > edit > fill selection (hot key is backspace).


If you need further help or pictures showing "how to" let me know. :)

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I have the same problem. So, firstly, the grim reaper plug in, if you choose white, it would remove all white wouldn't it? Like teeth and other details on a human figure. The Alpha Space, like I said earlier on another topic, I don't understand how that works at all? Could someone explain it step by step for a simpleton please. :(


"Geek is me"

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For Grim Color Reaper, try selecting the area's you don't want it to effect, then invert selection (ctrl + i), and run the plugin, set it to white, and adjust the color tolerance. If some areas still end up transparent, sometimes duplicating the layer will fill in the transparent spots, and then merge the duplicates.


Tip : make a temorary background of a solid easy to see color or gradient colors behind the image first, so that you can see the edges of the cut-out object better. (I'm assuming you know how to use layers.)
Also, for cutting out any image, I often recommended these plugins for ugly edges :

Basic Antialias -- http://forums.getpai...anuary-14-2008/
Feather -- http://forums.getpai...ow-with-source/
AA's Asistant, which is part of this pack -- http://forums.getpai...ack-2012-08-26/

And somtimes Alpha Blur -- http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24280-alpha-blur-v2-2012-03-05/

They aren't always needed though when re-moving a simple background with Grim Color Reaper.

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Heya ZenWear


All the feedback thus far provided is indeed sound advice and as you will discover with time, there are often several ways (via different plugins or guided steps) to achieve practically any result. Here are a couple real simple plugins that I might also suggest which are relatively straightforward for a person getting used to PDN. **The third one might save you a lot of heartache if I'm guessing what you are trying to do correctly**


Cut Color:  If you simple want to remove ONE color at a time (or keep a desired colored and make others transparent or black and white)


Color to Alpha: If you want to remove ALL colors at once keeping only Black (also works to remove one color at a time or a range of color but is a tad trickier)


Monochrome Ink on Paper: Stay with me here... If the image you're speaking of is entirely made up of outlines set on a transparent background and you want to recolor ALL the lines into ONE different color then this one will save the day for you. If will replace every value of whatever color is in your image including whatever degree of transparency which is what leaves behind a "frayed" edge if you will when you try using the paint bucket to fill your lines (even after playing with the tolerance).


If on the other hand you were intending on having lines of different colors it would still work but you would have to use a selection tool to single out said lines prior to use. Good luck friend!


Cheers B)

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