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Any help would be appreciated...

I am using windows XP. I go to a site, and click a link that will open an image. It comes up with a dialog box, asking if I want to save/open or cancel the download. It says its a microsoft office document imaging file. So I save it to my desktop.

I cannot open it with paint v3. It comes up with an error mesage of " The image type is not recognized and cannot be opened"

If I go to thumnails, and see the file name, (all I am getting is the red x) and click to open it, I get the error message "This is not a valid bitmap file or its format is not currently supported".

When I look at the properties, its a .tiff file.

What I want to do is save the image, open it up and crop/cut etc, save as a .jpg

Any body? Ferris? Bueler?

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I look at properties and see TIFF Image (.tif). What can be done is right click the file, go to, Open With, go to Choose Default Program, click Other Programs, click on Paint Net.

.tif file can now be opened with paint. net



Correct. Thats what I thought I did in the past. When I do that, save to the desktop, and open with MSpaint, I get the error message..."Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid Bitmap File, or its format is not currently supported."

When I do the same right click open with Paint Net, I get the error message, There was an unspecified error while opening this file.

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