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How do I place 'copyright' on the photo? By batch?

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I do need a copyright stamp for my photos.  I only seem to be able to do something in text.  Is that the only way?  If so, how would I get the 'circled C' after the word?  I don't seem to have any fonts that are outline or opaque.  I played with using any font and added the opaqe, but it looked like I am in 2nd grade and this is my first project.


(Actually, since I have 2 years of 8th grade :lol: , that should account for something. . . . )


Furthermore, there are so many photos, is there a batch method to place the copyright on each photo?


Any assistance will be appreciated. 


Pat Snyder

Southern California


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Copyright symbol:

Using the text tool :TextTool: you can hold down the ALT key and type 0169. Release the ALT key and the © symbol appears!

You can place anything on a watermark. Copyright, author name, business name, etc..., Here's a how-to-guide: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/23427-custom-watermarks/

Batch processing: Scriptlab + Alivate bulk processor. See this thread....

Multiple files can be processed using Scriptlab (to run AlphaSpace) and this external app Alivate Batch File Processor

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