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My text won't appear

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I'm designing images with multiple layers.  Some layers have illustrations with text, some layers are just text.  After selecting the "Text" tool, my text often does not appear.  This *seems* to be happening after I've done the "Lasso Select", and copy-pasted the selection.  The selection was a graphic, and included transparent/invisible pixels in the selected area.  I noted, oddly, that a bit of the text would appear in the "invisible" portion of the lasso'ed image, but then the rest would be invisible.  If I tried to go to another layer (e.g., the text only layer), it would still be invisible.  I don't want to create another, third layer.


I've not yet figured it out: I've been forced to save, quit, and re-enter the program.  Then I can select the illustration-with-text layer, and entering text works fine.  But the lasso-select followed by copy paste seems to tinker with my ability to add text after...?  This is a recently downloaded copy of Paint.NET: v3.5.11 (Final Release build 3.511.4977.23443)


A recent post talks about this "disappearing text" too, but the answer doesn't seem to apply to what I'm doing.


What am I doing wrong?

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