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Hiding the toolbar?

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Hi Zippy - welcome :)  The short answer is: You can't.  The Tool Bar contains some options for the Tools that are not available elsewhere.


I find it hard to believe you never use the options in the Tool Bar.  Never created a Transparent Gradient?  Adjusted the Tolerance of the Magic Wand? Adjusted the font, font size, or font formatting in any way?  How about the thickness of the Paint Brush?  Surely you have??

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Actually, I think he's referring to the graphic toolbar, directly beneath the menu bar:




...and you're thinking of the function bar, or whatever it's called, below that. (It's a bit confusing, as the other bar does actually show the word "Tool".)


I, too, have often wished I could hide PN's toolbar. I always use menus and shortcut keys, and never bother to click on toolbar buttons (though I realize many people like to do that).


Vertical space is often at a premium when working with graphics, especially on portable computers. For that reason, every other graphics app I've seen has let you do things like this. It'd be a real advantage if PN would, too.

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Rick collectively calls both lines of icons the "Tool Bar".  What you're referring to are the Common Actions icons and the View Controls.


See  http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/Toolbar.html

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