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Using the grid feature question.

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So I have been playing around with a program and need to edit tile some sheets.


The tutorial I was reading referenced using Grid. Pretty much I need to be able to set my grid to 32X32, display grid and snap to grid.


I did not see the ability to set my grid size or snap to grid in Paint. I am not sure if I am over looking it.


I did find this older plugin "Grid Maker Plugin" from 2007 that appears to handle this issue. Is this the option I should use, or am I just missing it in the menus?



Thanks in advance :-)

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Pixel grid in Paint.NET is just that. A pixel sized grid. It is not configurable.

You're using the correct plugin to make the grid. You can snap an object to a grid with TR's Pseudo snap. Be aware that the object must be on a transparent layer.

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No problem! Welcome to the forum!

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